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Holy Tea - originally formulated by Dr. Bill Miller, Ph.D. Nutritional Science, is a exclusive and distinctive herbal blend of all-natural ingredients designed to mildly cleanse the digestive tract and remove harmful toxins from the body. The tea derives it’s name from one the ingredients, traditionally known as the Holy Thistle, is a commonly used medicinal herb. Although the name if the herb is not intended to suggest any spiritual or religious connotation, appreciative users who have enjoyed exceptional health improvements often thank a higher power for the healing gift.

Holy Tea can also be utilized as a component in any weight loss regiment and is more efficient than traditional Oriental Green Tea. By using Holy Tea consistently, stored fat reduction is enhanced and considerable size of the belly is greatly reduced. Many people have experienced rapid weight loss on a dramatic scale however, results can vary from user to user.

When excess weight is stored in the body along the inside wall of the small intestine and colon from impacted fecal matter, no amount of exercising or dieting will decrease the size of the abdomen. However, Holy Tea can help you drop pounds and reduce inches around the waistline.

The Benefits Of Holy Tea

Over the past two decades, patients at Dr. Miller’s Health and Wellness Clinic have used Holy Tea to cleanse their small intestines and colon, detoxifying their bodies and lose excess pounds. Although one would believe people wouldn’t want to talk about the nasty stuff associated with the digestive tract but once they experience the benefits of Holy Tea, their inhibitions disappear. Because of the tea’s remarkable benefits, Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea was sold only through word of mouth for twenty years and did exceptionally well because of the results patients enjoyed.

Recently, Holy Tea has been made available to the rest of the world for millions of unhealthy people that need the tea. By simply drinking 2 eight ounce cups daily, Holy Tea drinkers have successfully:

Reduced their abominable fat and excess fat elsewhere without changing their diet

Experienced an increased boost in energy level while enjoying life fuller

Improve mental clarity and increased memory once diminished by blood toxins

Allergy and hay fever relief

Removed residual pharmaceutical or recreational drug byproducts and heavy metal toxins

Cleaned out second hand smoke deposits and nicotine in the body

Assisted in a stop smoking program

Kept the kidneys, lungs and liver clean and healthier

Seen digestion and nutrient absorption improve

Helped remove toxic chemicals deposited in the digestive tract by bad bacteria, parasites, yeast and fungi

Removed from the colon parasitic flukes and worms

Helped remove toxic residue from the digestive tract, blood and colon

Restored the normal balance of eighty percent probiotic bacteria to twenty percent yeast to improve assimilation of nutrients and digestion

Restored regular bowel movements and a reduction in autointoxification

Ended hard stools, hemorrhoids and constipation

Relieved digestive disorders like Diverticulitis, Colitis Crohn’s disease, Irritable
Bowel Syndrome(IBS) and Acid Reflux(GERD)

Cleared up skin conditions and body odors caused by toxins excreted by sweat glands

Improved the overall condition of the skin making it younger looking and softer

Reduced bad cholesterol and lowered blood

With continual use of Holy Tea, people may experience clearer, healthier, and younger-looking skin; increased energy; increased mental clarity and focus; a better memory; more resistance to diseases; better overall health; more comfort with the body; and a happier outlook on life.

When drinking Holy Tea, the focus is to improve regularity of bowel movements to two or three on a daily basis to keep waste from sitting in the digestive tract for an extended period. Auto-intoxification is the result of fecal matter not passing through the digestive tract and colon quickly, as it should naturally. When waste sits in the digestive tract too long, toxins are absorbed in to the system which can lead to health problems. Wasted that does not pass through as it should, it begins to harden and produce bad bacteria, fungus, yeast and feeding and breeding ground for parasites.

By cleansing the digestive tract, both the small intestines and colon, of hardened waste matter, many of the conditions listed above can be eliminated and reversed. The process of auto-intoxification can be eliminated, but removal of excess built up waste matter can help reduce weight and belly bulge.

The narrowing of the digestive tract by built up waste matter is not unlike the internal circumference of plumbing pipes growing narrow from deposits of minerals, eventually becoming totally clogged. A healthy digestive tract should process food and pass it through in about eleven to fifteen hours. Unfortunatley, the diet of Americans causes waste to pass through in twenty six hours or more. Some people do not have bowel movements for almost seventy two hours. That is three days!! Because the North American diet has slowed down the digestive tract, toxins have more time to be absorbed into the vital organs and bloodstream.

Our grandparents and their generation did not suffer from the gastrointestinal tract disorders and colon cancer that we have seen rising at alarming rates since consumption of unhealthy, processed foods and pasteurized dairy products. When the digestive process slows down, fecal matter begins to stick to the small intestine walls and colon, which causes the restricted flow of this fecal matter. Over time, the waste builds up, layer upon layer of old feces, mucus and dead cells.

The materials left over from vegetable and meat matter begin to ferment, rot and begin to release gasses through the mouth and anus. At the same time, this matter is continuing to release toxins and into the body through the bloodstream and vital organs. This decomposing material food and breeding grounds for yeast, intestinal parasite like worms, flukes, and amoebae. Although yeast a common organism which thrives in the human body and thrives by eating sugar in our bodies, yeast can become to widespread if not kept in check by good probiotic bacteria. Once this happens, the body believes it to be a foreign organism and the immune system kicks in. The response from the immune system can cause flu-like symptoms such as fatigue and weakness. As the yeast ferments food in the digestive tract, indigestion and swelling of the abdomen is common. Over production of yeast cause swelling of the sinuses and allergic like symptoms.


The Holy Tea Club

Holy Tea is not only a product that allows you to reap healthy benefits but it also allows people to increase their monthly income by becoming members of the Holy Tea Club. By becoming a distributor of the product, club members have the opportunity to offer a twenty year old proven product that makes huge differences in people's health, but also offers a compensation plan second to none in the network marketing community.

The club offers a double whammy in compensation plans designed with the Average Joe network marketer in mind. With the potential to earn a monthly income of $5000 and more, the plan is a group effort and begins by sponsoring two people or more. The Holy Tea product and it's long proven history and marketing system makes it simple to recruit two or more new members easily.

Other network marketing plans for compensation make unrealistic claims about huge income potential, failing to mention that even meager income potential is unrealistic with difficult qualifications for people that have fast paced schedules.

The Holy Tea Club was built with sincere motivation to create more work from home income than any other network marketing company in the past. The plan was implemented to provide financial stress free lives and financial independence for all of the Holy Tea Club members.

The compensation plan begins with a two wide by four deep pay matrix level. This matrix utilizes a narrow corridor of only 30 people, a forced matrix. For example, if you were to sponsor more than two people, these people would go to people within your matrix that do not as of yet have anyone under them in their matrix in the their first level. There is a term used for this in network marketing and it is called spillover. Spillover is a way for club members to help one another within the club.

It should be noted that spillover is not an entitlement or right, but something that is earned by all club members doing their part on the Holy Tea Club team. By recruiting and bringing in two or members, you will receive spillover increasing the people in your down line or matrix. The task of recruiting two or more people is purposely designed to be simple to reduce frustration and increase motivation with a end result of potential income of $5000 or more each month.

All club members will purchase or create retail sales volume of $40 worth of Holy Tea each month to qualify to receive income from the four levels with this being the only requirement. Forty dollars of personal volume is all that is required. You don't even have to sponsor two or more people to qualify, but you will be motivated too as you will see.

Although you are not required to sponsor two or more members in the Holy Tea Club to earn overrides in your own two by four matrix, you will be motivated to sponsor people because of the income potential. Club members that have a personal or retail volume of $80 and have two people sponsored in their matrix, qualifies for a matching bonus for the exact amount people in your fourth level earn in their 4 level matrix. A club member must have volume of $80 and two other sponsored members purchased Holy Tea in the current month to receive a matching bonus on all of their fourth level members.

This part of the Holy Tea Club compensation plan makes it the most lucrative and motivating part of being a club member. No matter if you have one or fifteen people on your fourth level, you still earn what they earn on their fourth level in 100% matching bonus. If they earn $15 you earn $15. If they earn $350, you earn $350!

The matrix gets more powerful as you build. When the 16 people on level four of your matrix have built their own two by four matrix, they are each earning between $114.80 and $343.30 in monthly income. If these club members in your 4th level are averaging $300 per month, your matching bonus is $4800 per month. 16 x $300=$4800!
Adding this to the income you are making off of your own matrix and this pushes your monthly income over $5000 monthly in work at home income.

This blog post is just a summary outline of the many benefits of the Holy Tea Club compensation plan. As you can see above, the potential for work at home income is possible with very little work or motivation. For a deeper and expanded outline of the compensation plan, please visit the Holy Tea Club.

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Colon Health Is Too Important To Neglect

Be honest! Do you ever think about your colon? I would have to say yes since you are reading this blog and good for you. By reading the Holy Tea blog, you have taken the first step in showing your colon some much needed love after years of abuse from fatty foods, hardened and built up waste matter and the parasites and harmful bacteria that live in this waste matter within the colon.

Although the colon is one of the most important organs in the body, it is mostly ignored, although this is beginning to change since information about the importance of a healthy colon is more readily available. The fast pace in which we live our lives does not lend itself to colon health since a fast paced life often means fast food from Burger King and other establishments that offer a quick fix to hunger pains but very little else in the form of nutritional value.

The colon is directly related to digestive tract health and when food is not digested properly it can lead to many health problems if proper colon health is not maintained. One of the largest problems with colon health is the build up of food that hardens and becomes impacted within the colon lining it's walls. This old food eventually becomes the home to many nasty critters such as parasites and toxic bacteria which use the hardened waste matter as a feeding and breeding ground.

These parasites and bacteria expel their own waste products into our body which become toxic to us causing all kinds of health problems. Digestive problems such as colitis and irritable bowel syndrome. Colon cancer has been associated in studies with improper diet and resulting waste matter build up and the various toxins associated with this old waste material.

Using Holy Tea to cleanse your colon can help you become healthier and live a longer life since the tea was initially designed by Dr. Miller for this purpose...cleansing the colon. Cleansing the colon with the tea is mainly used to remove residual food that has built up within the colon over long periods of time. Removal of this old food build up will bring the colon back to it's optimal state and increase your overall health.

Drinking Holy Tea twice daily is all that is needed to get your colon back in tip top shape and get you back on track to a healthier more energetic life. I've been drinking it since November of 2007 and feel better in my mid-forties than I did at thirty five. When I started drinking the tea in November 2007 I was tipping the scales at almost 190. At 5'11 and with my body type, I was almost 20 pounds overweight. Seven months later, my weight fluctuates between 170 and 175, the proper weight for my build and body.

Although I do walk for an hour 5 days per week which help maintain weight, Holy Tea
has given me back my energy levels and helped remove my belly that was a result of bloating and an unhealthy diet. Dr, Miller has helped many people over the last 20 years with Holy Tea. I myself have reaped the benefits and you can to....

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