Removing Stomach Parasites With Holy Tea

One of the benefits of Holy Tea is that it purges our bodies of poison producing parasites that live in our digestive tract. With over one hundred different parasites using our bodies as their home, stomach parasites should be of concern to us all. These parasites range in size from the microscopic to the tape worm which can grow to lengths of several feet. Many people believe that stomach parasites are associated with countries that have poor drinking water and sewage conditions. However, these parasites are not restricted by borders. With over eight billion people estimated to be infected with these organisms by 2025 by the Center for Disease Control, this threat is of great concern.

Warning Signs Of Stomach Parasites

People are often confused with the signs and symptoms of parasites living within our bodies. Often these symptoms are associated with common aliments that we all must deal with at some point, such as constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, sleep disorders to name just a few. All are common signs of parasitic infections. Holy Tea was specifically designed for removal of toxins and impurities from our bodies, with stomach parasites being one of these toxins. The natural herbs in Holy Tea help to rid the body of the parasites and the poisons they produce.

How Do Parasites Enter Our Bodies

The most common way for parasites to enter our bodies is through contaminated water or food. Other ways they enter our bodies is through insect bites or from contact with our pets or other animals. Swimming in water that may be contaminated is another source of infection. Stomach parasites may even be in our own chemically treated public water systems. Cleaning and cooking our food to a proper temperature may not always eliminate the threat of infection from parasites. Raw and uncooked food is another very serious source of parasitic infections. Raw fish such as sushi or oysters pose serious threats of infection. However, contaminated water is the most serious threat for possible exposure to stomach parasites within the United States.

What Are Parasites

Parasites are organisms that live in our bodies that eat the food we consume. Eating the food we consume is not the reason for concern, however the excrement that they expel from their bodies are of concern. Over time, these parasitic excretions can become toxic to our bodies and degrade our overall health. While stomach parasites take many forms, the fall under two groups: worms and protozoa. Protozoa are microscopic and reproduce within our bodies and degrade our health over time. Worms come in all shapes and sizes from small thread worms to tape worms that can grow up to several feet in length. The enzymes and herbs in Holy Tea help to purge these parasites from our bodies since the tea helps reduce the amount of time food passes through our body as well as removing impacted and hardened fecal matter in which these stomach parasites thrive.

Not only does Holy Tea remove parasites from our bodies, it also promotes general wellness and increased vitality. Parasitic infection is a serious concern to a persons overall health and should be given to serious thought. Holy Tea can eliminate the threat and provide piece of mind that stomach parasites are not making your body their home.

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