How To Remove Heavy Metal Toxins Using Holy Tea

Heavy metal toxins are a real threat to our overall health and should be a concern when considering health management. The fact that most people do not fully comprehend the potential dangers lurking from heavy metal toxins is freighting. Education and prevention are the only steps we can take to avoid potential threats to ourselves and our families as well as treatment to remove heavy metal toxins from our bodies.

When we attended chemistry class in high school, we learned about the elements including the metallic elements. We learned that our bodies require certain metallic elements like zinc and copper but only trace amounts. Although these metallic elements are requirements for our bodies to function properly, they can become toxic if ingested at higher levels. Other heavy metals do not serve a useful purpose in the human body, such as lead, arsenic and mercury and are not requirements for human function. Accumulation of these heavy metals over long periods of time can have a serious negative impact on our health and even death if not treated.

With the advent of the industrial age and the increased use of metals in almost everything we use, the overload of metals in our environment has seen a dramatic increase. Heavy metal toxins are everywhere including the air we breathe, the soil in which we grow food and even the water drink. Avoiding heavy metal ingestion is virtually impossible given the scope and magnitude in which we use metals in everything from construction to computers. The only path we are left to take when combating heavy metal ingestion, is through prevention and treatment to remove heavy metal toxins to help lessen the impact on our overall health.

With over twenty different known heavy metal toxins that can have adverse effects on our health, education and prevention are key components in lowering the effects heavy metals have on our bodies. Long term exposure to heavy metals can cause physical health problems as well as mental and cognitive health problems. These reason are why it so important to remove heavy metal toxins from our bodies. Listed below you will find some of the metals most frequently associated with declining health after long term exposure and ingestion.


Mercury is used in many different applications including barometers, thermometers, electrical wiring, light bulbs, dental fillings, paints vaccines, drugs, ointments, pesticides to name just a few of the many products that contain mercury. Everyday items used by people. Over time, mercury can be absorbed through the skin and reach toxic levels. Mercury can also be found in fish, farm animals and our drinking water, which when consumed, are ingested into our body. People that work in areas exposed to mercury risk increased exposure which are painters, fisherman, electricians, Factory workers, miners, farmers and chemist. These people are only small list of the thousands that risk heavy metal poisoning.


This toxic metal is used in many different industrial areas and has resulted in the wide spread dispersion in many areas in our environment, particularly in industrialized areas. Water runoff in these industrial areas are highly susceptible to arsenic contamination, which flows into our rivers and streams. Flowing down rivers and streams, the toxin makes it's way into drinking water, ingested by farm animals and humans alike. Arsenic effects major organs such as the heart, lungs, spleen, liver, kidneys and can be found in abundance in the nails and hair of humans.


Humans are exposed to lead mainly through drinking water exposure but also risk exposure through the air and lead based paints. Lead based plumbing pipes are by far the most prolific lead based sources in our drinking water with ongoing corrosion the problem only worsens. The lead problem in our drinking water is so widespread that the EPA allows certain amounts of lead in our water simply because the amount of money to correct the problem would break the treasury. Smoke from cigarettes and cigars is also a source of lead contamination. Lead is one of the most toxic of our natural resources with high exposure causing sever health problems and death in some cases. Seizure, coma and brain damage can all be caused by lead poisoning. Symptoms of over exposure to lead include, reduction of motor skills, memory loss, fatigue and irritability.

With the danger of heavy metals lurking around every corner, one must learn ways to remove heavy metal toxins from our bodies. Holy Tea has attributes that make it an excellent choice for heavy metal toxin removal. Originally blended by Dr. Miller over 20 years ago as a detoxifier to remove impurities from the body, Holy Tea has a proven record. One cannot discount the importance of removing impurities and toxins from our major organs and body for better overall health and wellness. Holy Tea can be used by anyone to remove heavy metal toxins with excellent results. Not only will you be more healthy, but energy levels will return allowing you to live a more vibrant and full life. Learn more about Holy Tea.

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