Holy Tea A Natural Remedy For Acid Reflux

One of the benefits of Holy Tea is the tea acts as a natural remedy for acid reflux which afflicts millions of people everyday. Holy Tea was blended by Dr. Miller over 20 years ago as a detoxifier to rid his patients bodies of toxins and impurities. In order to do this, Holy Tea purges built up and hardened waste matter from the colon and small intestines that have built up over time. This built up waste matter becomes toxic over time and poisons our bodies and become breeding grounds for parasites and bacteria.

Holy Tea was designed to rid the body of these toxins and make the digestive tract more efficient by speeding up the time that it takes food to pass from the body. One of the treatments for Acid Reflux are Promotility Agents. Promotility Agents are medicines that make the stomach empty quicker, reducing the time for acid to build up. Metoclopramide is one of the medicines currently being prescribed by doctors as treatment for Acid Reflux.

Holy Tea by doing what it does best, cleansing the colon and digestive tract, is a natural remedy for acid reflux. By regulating the amount of time that food takes to pass through the body, auto-intoxification or self poisoning is avoided. Americans on average take more then twenty-six hours to pass food through the body, giving food more time to cause pesky problems such as acid reflux. Eleven to fifteen hours is the optimal time period for food to pass through the body which eliminates build up which can lead to many other problems including acid reflux. Holy Tea speeds up the digestive tract and regulates our body to keep it on a natural time table as intended.

Holy Tea offers many benefits and can lead to a more energetic and healthy life and by it's very design is a natural remedy for acid reflux acting as a non-pharmaceutical promotility agent.

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