Avoiding Autointoxication With Holy Tea

Autointoxication can be a serious threat to your health and should be something everyone considers when evaluating their lifestyles and health needs. The second leading cause of death in the United States is colon cancer, which further supports the statement, "Death begins in the colon". Autointoxication is the process of self poisoning, mainly by the foods we eat and the lack of exercise by North Americans. Autointoxication happens when waste material does not leave the body through natural means and stays in the body over long periods of time, becoming hardened and impacted while releasing toxins into our body.

These toxins can have a impact on our everyday lives and can lead to serious health complications if not treated. The waste material builds up in the colon and the lower digestive tract, producing food and breeding areas for parasites and toxin producing bacteria. Not only does this waste material build up in the digestive tract, but it also slows down the digestive tract, increasing the digestive time clock, inhibiting the natural elimination process of the body.

As parasites and bacteria feed, they release their own toxins into our bodies further increasing the chances of autointoxication. Eventually the digestive tract and colon are unable to cleans our bodies naturally and these toxins spill over into other systems like the circulatory system as well as other organs. Processed foods, such as fast food or high fat foods that North Americans consume, are the leading causes of autointoxication. The also are the reason that obesity has become an alarming condition in the United States.

Health problems that are associated with autointoxication include:

Lack of energy
Body odor and bad breath

These are a portion of the symptoms associated with autointoxication. It has been suggested that colon cancer can be a result of autointoxication since the toxins stay in the body for long periods of time making the colon unhealthy and ripe for colon cancer. Since colon cancer is so prevalent today, health officials recommend that all men over the age of 50 have annual colon exams all but confirming that modern medicine recognizes that autointoxication poses a serious threat.

The good news is it doesn't have to be this way if we take measures to keep our digestive tract and colon free of old waste matter that toxins and parasites in which thrive and feed. Holy Tea was blended over 20 years ago by Dr. Miller for this very reason, to remove toxins and parasites from the digestive tract. Removal of these impurities help us to become more healthy by streamlining our digestive process, decreasing the amount of time waste material stays in our body and removing the parasites and toxins. The end result is a loss of weight and increased energy levels
producing a more enjoyable and healthy life.

Two cups of Holy Tea daily is all that is required!!!

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