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Holy Tea is not only a product that allows you to reap healthy benefits but it also allows people to increase their monthly income by becoming members of the Holy Tea Club. By becoming a distributor of the product, club members have the opportunity to offer a twenty year old proven product that makes huge differences in people's health, but also offers a compensation plan second to none in the network marketing community.

The club offers a double whammy in compensation plans designed with the Average Joe network marketer in mind. With the potential to earn a monthly income of $5000 and more, the plan is a group effort and begins by sponsoring two people or more. The Holy Tea product and it's long proven history and marketing system makes it simple to recruit two or more new members easily.

Other network marketing plans for compensation make unrealistic claims about huge income potential, failing to mention that even meager income potential is unrealistic with difficult qualifications for people that have fast paced schedules.

The Holy Tea Club was built with sincere motivation to create more work from home income than any other network marketing company in the past. The plan was implemented to provide financial stress free lives and financial independence for all of the Holy Tea Club members.

The compensation plan begins with a two wide by four deep pay matrix level. This matrix utilizes a narrow corridor of only 30 people, a forced matrix. For example, if you were to sponsor more than two people, these people would go to people within your matrix that do not as of yet have anyone under them in their matrix in the their first level. There is a term used for this in network marketing and it is called spillover. Spillover is a way for club members to help one another within the club.

It should be noted that spillover is not an entitlement or right, but something that is earned by all club members doing their part on the Holy Tea Club team. By recruiting and bringing in two or members, you will receive spillover increasing the people in your down line or matrix. The task of recruiting two or more people is purposely designed to be simple to reduce frustration and increase motivation with a end result of potential income of $5000 or more each month.

All club members will purchase or create retail sales volume of $40 worth of Holy Tea each month to qualify to receive income from the four levels with this being the only requirement. Forty dollars of personal volume is all that is required. You don't even have to sponsor two or more people to qualify, but you will be motivated too as you will see.

Although you are not required to sponsor two or more members in the Holy Tea Club to earn overrides in your own two by four matrix, you will be motivated to sponsor people because of the income potential. Club members that have a personal or retail volume of $80 and have two people sponsored in their matrix, qualifies for a matching bonus for the exact amount people in your fourth level earn in their 4 level matrix. A club member must have volume of $80 and two other sponsored members purchased Holy Tea in the current month to receive a matching bonus on all of their fourth level members.

This part of the Holy Tea Club compensation plan makes it the most lucrative and motivating part of being a club member. No matter if you have one or fifteen people on your fourth level, you still earn what they earn on their fourth level in 100% matching bonus. If they earn $15 you earn $15. If they earn $350, you earn $350!

The matrix gets more powerful as you build. When the 16 people on level four of your matrix have built their own two by four matrix, they are each earning between $114.80 and $343.30 in monthly income. If these club members in your 4th level are averaging $300 per month, your matching bonus is $4800 per month. 16 x $300=$4800!
Adding this to the income you are making off of your own matrix and this pushes your monthly income over $5000 monthly in work at home income.

This blog post is just a summary outline of the many benefits of the Holy Tea Club compensation plan. As you can see above, the potential for work at home income is possible with very little work or motivation. For a deeper and expanded outline of the compensation plan, please visit the Holy Tea Club.

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