Colon Health Is Too Important To Neglect

Be honest! Do you ever think about your colon? I would have to say yes since you are reading this blog and good for you. By reading the Holy Tea blog, you have taken the first step in showing your colon some much needed love after years of abuse from fatty foods, hardened and built up waste matter and the parasites and harmful bacteria that live in this waste matter within the colon.

Although the colon is one of the most important organs in the body, it is mostly ignored, although this is beginning to change since information about the importance of a healthy colon is more readily available. The fast pace in which we live our lives does not lend itself to colon health since a fast paced life often means fast food from Burger King and other establishments that offer a quick fix to hunger pains but very little else in the form of nutritional value.

The colon is directly related to digestive tract health and when food is not digested properly it can lead to many health problems if proper colon health is not maintained. One of the largest problems with colon health is the build up of food that hardens and becomes impacted within the colon lining it's walls. This old food eventually becomes the home to many nasty critters such as parasites and toxic bacteria which use the hardened waste matter as a feeding and breeding ground.

These parasites and bacteria expel their own waste products into our body which become toxic to us causing all kinds of health problems. Digestive problems such as colitis and irritable bowel syndrome. Colon cancer has been associated in studies with improper diet and resulting waste matter build up and the various toxins associated with this old waste material.

Using Holy Tea to cleanse your colon can help you become healthier and live a longer life since the tea was initially designed by Dr. Miller for this purpose...cleansing the colon. Cleansing the colon with the tea is mainly used to remove residual food that has built up within the colon over long periods of time. Removal of this old food build up will bring the colon back to it's optimal state and increase your overall health.

Drinking Holy Tea twice daily is all that is needed to get your colon back in tip top shape and get you back on track to a healthier more energetic life. I've been drinking it since November of 2007 and feel better in my mid-forties than I did at thirty five. When I started drinking the tea in November 2007 I was tipping the scales at almost 190. At 5'11 and with my body type, I was almost 20 pounds overweight. Seven months later, my weight fluctuates between 170 and 175, the proper weight for my build and body.

Although I do walk for an hour 5 days per week which help maintain weight, Holy Tea
has given me back my energy levels and helped remove my belly that was a result of bloating and an unhealthy diet. Dr, Miller has helped many people over the last 20 years with Holy Tea. I myself have reaped the benefits and you can to....

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