Dr. Miller's Holy Tea | Does It Work?

A Definitive Outline of Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea

Dr. Bill Miller's Holy Tea was formulated over 20 years ago and has been prescribing it to his patients over the years for all around wellness. The benefits of the formula have produced significant results for his patients in helping them lose weight and detoxify their bodies of impurities.

Ingredients Of Holy Tea

Holy Thistle-The Holy Thistle, from which the tea gets it’s name, has been used for two millennium for medicinal reasons. The herb helps the liver release toxins and is commonly used for treatment of disorders of the liver and gallbladder. Popular in both the United States and Europe, the herb is used for various liver diseases. It is believed that the thistle has benefits that enhance circulation and purification of the blood. Also, as a result of these benefits, users of the product report less chronic headaches.

Persimmon Leaf –Persimmon Leaf is reported to preventative properties that help alleviate itching due to allergies and promotes and improves allergic rough skin. Symptoms of hay fever and allergies are reduced by the use of Persimmon Leaf.

Malva Leaf -Malva Leaf is used in the treatment of kidney disorders, fluid retention, diarrhea and frequent thirst. It is reported that this seed softens and soothes irritated tissues and softens the skin.

Marshmallow-Marshmallow leaf or root has been used for thousands of years to intestinal disorders for it’s soothing and support properties. Marshmallows also help relieve throat irritations and coughs. Loaded with expectorant, marshmallow has been used traditionally for remedy respiratory tract afflictions such as irritating coughs and bronchial congestion.
The marshmallow also has attributes that promote immune boosting properties and has been used to alleviate heartburn and sore throats.

Blessed Thistle-Blessed thistle ahs a long history of properties and attributes for the treatment of various disorders, including anorexia, fever, smallpox, constipation, indigestion and flatulence. Reported to have been used as far back as the 16th century. The herb is also used in present day for treatment infections as well as fevers, liver and heart problems and cancer.

Benefits of Holy Tea

Dr. Miller has treated thousands of patients at his wellness clinic in Jackson, Tnennessee over the last 20 years. Patients have taken the tea for a variety of aliments as well as to detoxify their bodies and cleanse their colons. A wonderful by-product of Holy Tea is weight loss, which many people drink just for this result. Below is a list of disorders and maladies in which Holy Tea may be beneficial as well as positive results:

*Weight Loss
*Acid Reflux
*Lowers Blood Pressure
*Stomach Disorders
*Cleans Nicotine From the Body
*Keeps the Lungs and Liver Clean and Healthy
*A Good Choice for Diabetics
*Helps Promote Softer Skin
*Helps Restore the Natural Balance of Yeast to Bacteria Ratio
*Helps Clean out Prescription Medication Residue
*Reduces and Relieves Symptoms of Allergies and Hay Fever
*Helps Remove Toxins from the Blood
*Provides more Energy

Holy Tea and Cleaning The Colon

It has been said that death begins in the colon. The primary benefit of Holy Tea is that is cleans the colon of impurities and toxins as well as regulates bowel movements. Delayed evacuation of fecal matter allows the digestive tract to absorb toxins and leads to self-poisoning. It also clogs the walls of the intestines and colon with hardening fecal matter such as decaying meat products and rotting vegetable matter, which parasites and bad bacteria feed on releasing their own fecal material and poisons into the host body.

Food should pass through your body in about eleven to fifteen hours. In Americans today it is taking approximately twenty-six hours and in some cases more, for food to pass through the body.

Holy Tea promotes effective and positive digestive health by helping food pass through the body, avoiding the side effects of slow digestion: Toxins and Poisons. Build of fecal matter is one of the causes of colon cancer. It also helps to remedy bloating which increases the waist-line.

Directions For Using Holy Tea

Two bags of the tea will produce enough tea for one week’s supply and will produce 1 gallon of tea. It must first be steeped in close to boiling water, in other words, very hot water. Do not place the bags in boiling water as excessive heat can eliminate important enzymes in the tea. If the water is boiling set it aside for a few minutes and let it cool.

Once the bags are placed in the water, cover the sauce pan and let it steep over night or for 4 to 6 ours minimum. Once the bags have steeped the proper amount of time, pout the contents into a gallon jug and add water, making gallon of tea and refrigerate.

Other Suggestions For Holy Tea

Always eat food when drinking your tea. Drinking 8 ounces of tea in the morning at breakfast and in the evening at dinner are suggested and recommended. Once you begin your tea program, you probably notice that visits to the bathroom are increasing, this is normal. Running to the bathroom is not what we are talking about, but if you are planning a night out or going somewhere for a few hours, planning ahead are recommended.

Bowel movements should be natural without straining. People that work in bathroom unfriendly locations should consider waiting until Friday to start drinking the tea, which will give you the weekend to acclimate to the program. After about a week you will notice the effects of the tea with one being having more energy.

It is very important to drink water, which everyone should do even if they are not drinking Holy Tea as water removes toxins from the body.

Holy Tea

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