What Is The Holy Tea Club

Holy Tea is not marketed through drug stores or retail stores but by individual people that are Holy Tea drinkers. Not only does the tea provide for a healthier lifestyle, but can provide a full time or secondary income to members of the Holy Tea Club, with potential to earn $5000 or more per month.

The Holy Tea Club begins with a two column wide matrix by 4 levels deep. With the matrix being only two columns wide, it is a very narrow matrix of only 30 people once the first level is filled, with the club member only having two members under him in the first level. The matrix is called a forced matrix which by allowing only two members under the sponsoring member. Any other members would fall under or spillover to other members in your matrix that do not have any members under them yet, therefore allowing members to help one another as a team.

Spillover is not something that is automatic, in other words spillover is not a right but a benefit of the club that is earned by the club as a whole working together. Each member is rewarded with spillover when they bring more people into the Holy Tea Club. If a member chooses to not do their part, they will be waiting for spillover that never appears. By sponsoring two or more people, the club member earns the right for spillover, thereby increasing personal earnings and the potential for a staying at home self employment income of $5000 or more.

Holy Tea Club Matrix

To qualify, everyone will need to purchase or generate sales volume in the amount of $40 worth of product each month to qualify and receive four levels of income. $40 dollars is not a great deal of volume, in fact it is only a one month supply of Holy Tea, enough tea for personal use. A potential member does not have to sponsor anyone to qualify for the four levels of income, they only need to purchase enough product(one month supply for personal use) to qualify to receive 4 levels of income.

Although a member is not required to sponsor new members to earn in the 2 x 4 matrix, the member will become motivated to do so simply for the power of the matrix and it's income generating attributes. Any member with a personal volume of $80 that has sponsored two people qualifies for a matching bonus of whatever members earn in their fourth level in the matrix.

The matching bonus shows the power of the Holy Tea Club and it's compensation plan for members. Whatever amount is earned by people in your fourth level is matched an paid directly to you and they do not have to be directly sponsored by the member. No matter, the member still receives 100% of what they earn on a monthly basis, EVERY MONTH! This is powerful! If each member earns $20 in your fourth level, you earn $20. If every member in your fourth level earns $100, you earn $100!

Holy Tea Club Matrix Illustrated

We will outline the power of the Holy Tea Club Matrix. If a current member has filled the two by four matrix with everyone below them having a personal volume of $80, which is not difficult since the matrix is so narrow and everyone is highly motivated to sponsor 2 people and generate $80 of personal volume. Once the sixteen people in your fourth level build their own two by four matrix, they are each earning an income from $114.80 to $343.20 per month. With the possibility of an average income for each one being around $300 per month, with you receiving a 100% match for each one, your income for just that level would be $4800 per month in matching bonus. This does not include the income you have from your own two by four matrix. The potential for over $5000 in personal income is possible coupled with the fact that you need only sponsor two people with $80 in product each month.

The Ever Expanding Matrix

Once your matrix is filled eight levels deep with two sponsored people on everyone's first level, the Holy Tea Club matrix expands to three wide by eight levels deep. Your former two by four matrix is now within in your new three by eight wide matrix. Once this matrix is filled, the member has the earning potential of almost $30,000 monthly.

The Holy Tea Club is a powerful matrix designed first and foremost to provide a quality product that can improve the lifestyle of individuals who consume Holy Tea in a daily regiment.It also offers opportunity for a self-employment income that allows for a lifestyle that is both beneficial for health and mental well being that comes from being financially stress free.

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