Holy Tea-What Is It?

Holy Tea is a herbal blend of all natural ingredients designed to detoxify the body and gently cleanse the digestive tract. Named after one of the ingredients, a widely used herb known as the "Holy Thistle", Dr. Bill Miller, PhD. formulated Holy Tea with all natural ingredients.

The Holy Thistle has been used for 2000 years for medicinal purposes and Dr. Miller has used his Holy Tea successfully for 20 years at his clinic in Jackson, Tn. Thousands of patients at the Jackson Health and Wellness Clinic have taken Dr. Miller's Holy Tea to cleanse and detoxify their body and LOSE WEIGHT!

"Since I began taking Dr. Miller's Tea I no longer need to take Nexium, and my Acid Reflux is totally cleared up. I dropped from 240 to 185 lbs., and even though I smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day the doctor said he could not believe how clear my lungs are, as if I did not smoke. The Tea is the best health product I have ever taken!" - William Griffen, Jackson, TN

Amazing testimonial!!!

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