Holy Tea Can Detoxify Your Body

Learning to detoxify your body can be one of the most important health functions we do, especially as we age. Losing weight is one of the best ways you can detoxify your body, the other is with help from within. By within we mean food or other sources of minerals and nutrients that lend themselves to the detoxification process. Detoxifying the body is not only good when dieting or losing weight, but should be a requirement for optimum health and wellness.

Why Is Detoxification So Important?

Regular bowel movements are one of the ways your body detoxifies itself and cleanses the body of impurities. Infrequent bowel movements can cause the body to absorb harmful toxins or cause self-poisoning by clogging the walls of the intestines and colon. This waste matter in turn hardens over time becoming a feeding and breeding ground for fungus, yeast and harmful bacteria as well as parasitic organisms that feed on the this hardened matter often excreting their own harmful poisons into the body.

Holy Tea helps detoxify your body by cleaning out this harden matter and the intestinal parasites along with by loosening the matter which helped expel it from the body along with other harmful toxins. This process has the added benefit of shrinking a bloated stomach as well as shedding excess pounds.

The Holy Tea Express Train

When our body is functioning at optimum capabilities, food should pass through our bodies in about eleven to fifteen hours. Studies have shown that in the United States, this time has slowed to twenty-six hours with some people taking as long as seventy-two hours. This slowed pace allows time for toxins and poisons to be absorbed into our bloodstream from our colon and small intestines. The process has a snowball effect and this material begins to get impacted and hardened, never leaving the digestive tract.

Holy Tea eliminates these hardened deposits and allows the body to regulate itself in the fashion that is most optimal for being healthy. Instead of the the slow boat to China, our bodies are on the Holy Tea express train to healthy living, without concern for harmful toxins. It has been said that death begins in the colon. Holy Tea can help eliminate this prophecy by keeping the colon clean and detoxify your body.

Holy Tea

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